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Areas to look out for when disinfecting and sanitising your office

Areas to look out for when disinfecting and sanitising your office

Are you looking to disinfect and sanitise your office or workspace? Well, don’t worry. This article will help you with the areas to look out for. So, let’s get started!

The Covid-19 saga has shown us that viruses can spread quickly. Without a doubt, businesses need to step up their efforts to disinfect the office space to prevent another pandemic. And one slip-up could lead to widespread infection in the office and beyond.

Viruses such as flu could be a problem if all the staff members get infected. This is why keeping the office hygienic is extremely vital. Most of these services are offered by a cleaning company in Singapore. In light of the global pandemic, ensuring that your office is free from harmful viruses is crucial for the team to function. That is why disinfecting and sanitizing your office is undoubtedly crucial in maintaining a healthy work environment.

There are specific spaces you should look out for when a particular company is done with its disinfectant cleaning services. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top seven areas to look out for when disinfecting and sanitising your office.

Here are the areas you must take care of when disinfecting and sanitising your office

1. Start with the meeting room

The meeting room is a place where different people meet. Therefore, it’s the first place you should look out for when disinfecting the office.

Most Singapore offices will first lead their customers to the meeting room if they don’t have a functional sitting space for them, regardless of the office layout. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure thorough disinfection of the meeting rooms especially if you hold regular meetings with your clients.

2. Disinfecting the pantry

Another sensitive area that requires disinfectant cleaning services is the pantry. After you are done with the meeting room, you should head straight and inspect or clean the pantry space. Most disinfectant service companies in Singapore will ensure the pantry is thoroughly disinfected. First, remove everything on the shelves before starting your disinfecting the pantry. Then remove any crumbs or stains that you might get in the pantry.

Additionally, you can use a damp cloth alongside your disinfection solution to clean the shelves. To ensure the thorough disinfection of the office, you should clean this space every time you decide to disinfect and sanitize the entire area. More importantly, take your time when cleaning these appliances so that you can get rid of any germs, bacteria and pathogens.

3. The toilet

Disinfecting and sanitising your office

Have you ever walked into a dirty bathroom? Or better yet, have you ever walked into a dirty toilet in the office? I’m sure that must have felt awful even more so considering it’s the office. That said, once you are done with the meeting room and the pantry, the next step should be the bathroom. You will need to wipe all the surfaces such as the sink, mirror tiles, accessories, bathtub, and toilet bowl, among others.

During the bathroom’s disinfection and sanitation, you should pay close attention to any metal surfaces because they are known to harbour bacteria and other pathogens thanks to the soap scum and mould build-up.

4. Disinfecting the walls

When you are cleaning the office, don’t forget to check on the walls. When people sneeze, the particles could sometimes get stuck on the walls. And in case anyone comes into contact with the walls, that’s how the germs will transfer to the next person. Therefore, it would help if you also disinfected the walls. You can use a damp cloth coupled with a mix of your disinfecting liquid. That should take care of most, if not all of the germs in the walls.

5. Disinfecting the Windows, Curtains and Blinds

Finally, you will have to clean the windows, curtains and blinds. Without a doubt, the windows might seem like a tiny detail, but they play an essential role in the office. In case there are any dust particles in the windows, that will affect your staff’s breathing and hence lead to specific health problems. Therefore, your disinfectant cleaning services should include sanitizing of the windows.

It’s relatively easy to wipe down the windows with the right tools. However, some entrepreneurs will consider hiring a disinfecting service in Singapore to sanitize their offices. These companies are equipped with the right tools to disinfect your office windows professionally and effectively.

Curtains are the next area to look out for. If you have curtains in the office, it’s best to dry clean them regularly. If the curtains are too huge, consider curtain steam cleaning services instead. A viable option to consider, steam cleaning curtains is fast, requires no dismantling and most importantly, does not wrinkle those elegant curtains!

6. The reception area

Another crucial place that needs to be disinfected is the reception area. Almost every person in the office passes-by the reception area. As such, when you disinfect the office, don’t forget to sanitize the front desk. Start by removing all the items on the table before sanitizing the surface. Then when you are ready, pay close attention to places where customers lean on the front desk.

7. Surfaces

Disinfecting and sanitising your office

Lastly, you also need to sanitize all the surfaces in the office. Most surfaces are prone to germs which could lead to diseases. With that in mind, start by cleaning the surfaces with soap and water before using any disinfectant. The soap and water will reduce the germs on those surfaces and any impurities. The disinfectant will get rid of the remaining pathogens hence wiping the slate clean. Regularly cleaning the office desk is crucial as well on top of disinfecting these office hotspots.

Take away message

The above tips give a general guideline on disinfecting and sanitizing your office. Regardless, the clean-up process is a skill that will take time to master. Thankfully, all you have to do is focus on the key points mentioned above, and you will get the hang of it over time. Always remember to use the right chemicals when sanitizing the office to ensure you effectively remove disease-causing pathogens, germs and bacteria. Also, cleaning is not a one-time process. Hence, regularly disinfecting and sanitizing your office is crucial for your team to stay healthy.

For more tips, check out this guide on how to source for the right commercial cleaning company!

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