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Our Certifications

ACM Bizsafe3 Certified

Hassle-Free Office Cleaning

We pride ourselves in delivering top-quality office cleaning at reasonable prices.

The Arising Cleaning Management Difference

Highly Trained Cleaners

Our WSQ certified office cleaners are trained in all aspects of safety, storage of cleaning materials & equipment handling.

Free Touch-up Cleaning

We offer free touch-up Cleaning within 24hrs of notifying us if dissatisfied on the cleaning done by us to ensure high-quality results.

Cleaning Supplies Provided

Our team provides all the equipment, toiletries and cleaning materials needed to ensure thorough cleaning in every situation.

Effective Office Cleaning Solutions

Arising Cleaning Residential Cleaning Cleaning Windows

Every office unit is different, hence for every client, we have to tailor our services to cater to differing requirements. Before we take up a cleaning assignment, we recommend arranging a quick appointment to visit your premise first. 

Our team will conduct a quick 20 minutes non-obligatory survey of your office unit to better understand your cleaning requirements. This allows us to better prepare for any unique circumstances or special requirements pertaining to your office unit to ensure a job well done. 


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Benefits Of Engaging A Professional Cleaning Company

1. Work Injury Compensation Covered

The law mandates compulsory worker insurance coverage. A firm may be fined if they fail to comply with the regulations. As freelance cleaners may not be aware of the dangerous tasks or the compulsory insurance coverage, accidents could involve extra costs. At Arising Cleaning Management, all our cleaners are insured to ensure compliance with authorities and mitigate added costs in the form of injury compensation to ensure our clients a hassle free cleaning process and a peace of mind.

2. Stand-by Replacement Cleaners

To deliver our cleaning services on time, we always have a cleaner on stand-by to minimise service disruption. We understand that cleaners are human beings that could fall sick as well. This is why our back up cleaning team responds immediately and will automatically replace your cleaner for the day to maintain your cleaning schedule. Say goodbye to time lost in rearranging or liaising for the next cleaning appointment.

3. The Option to Change Cleaners, No Questions Asked

In terms of customer satisfaction, we offer all our clients the ability to change cleaners if they are not happy with their current cleaning professional. Often times, conflicts and preferences get in the way of getting things done exactly the way you want.

Although our team is trained extensively in all areas of office cleaning, we understand that different synergies with different cleaners may result in our clients feeling less satisfied. This is why we listen to our customers and will look for the most suitable cleaning expert based on your needs. With our contract cleaners, we are able to find a replacement as long as we’re given 1 to 2 weeks notice.

4. Professional, In-House Training

Our team is trained extensively before they are assigned to our clients. Our team comes with the technical know-how in handling and storing different equipment, chemicals and cleaning materials. In extension to the office cleaning tools they need, we train our staff to perform their tasks safely to minimise workspace injury. This allows us to deliver a peace of mind to our clients knowing that their premises are cleaned by a trained professional.

5. Quality Office Cleaning Ensured

All of our cleaners are supervised regularly to ensure that your assigned cleaner performing up to task in a safe and efficient manner. We work together as a team to understand the difficulties your assigned cleaner face and provide effective solutions for each situation. 

6. A Positive Work Attitude

Our team trained to be goal oriented, positive and taught to go the extra mile for each customer. As a professional organisation, our priorities are simple, that is to ensure that your office is cleaned on time, every time. We pride ourselves in reducing time inefficiencies while delivering better quality cleaning for every office unit that we maintain.

7. Service Level Agreements

To deliver good quality cleaning and maximise customer satisfaction, we first define our deliverables together with our customers before every cleaning project. Our service level agreements allow both parties to understand the exact areas that we’re assigned to take care of and any additional scope that our clients require. Our team will also keep an eye out to assess if they have any recommendations for improvement. 

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