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Residential Cleaning Service

Why choose us?

Affordability for Professionals

Hiring the professionals may be costly to most, at the same time you want to get the job done. Call us for best quotation we have to offer!

Quality Assurance

Over 30+ positive reviews on Google.
All of our staffs are highly experienced and certified to conduct cleaning task at any premises given to them. Products we use are professional commercial grade! 

Fast Response

We take our customers time seriously, our team are committed to response to queries within 5 minutes. We take all queries to the best of our ability.

Free Touch-up Cleaning

We offer free touch-up Cleaning within 24hrs of notifying us if dissatisfied on the cleaning done by us. This is to ensure we uphold our quality assurance for long term relationship with our customers.

Curtain cleaning could be a tedious and difficult task for one to process at home due to space restriction and the washing machine capacity. Clients can rely on our professional cleaner to provide you with our services, and more importantly we are prepared to come to assist you. 

We clean for both residential & commercial building. We perfected the art of bringing the curtains back to its beauty.

Besides washing your curtains, regular maintenance is also important to maintain the freshness of the curtain.

Ideally, curtain cleaning service suitable for:

  • Handover of residential unit
  • Moving into new home tenancy
  • Preparations for festive season



How it works

Book an appointment for pick up.
On the day of pick up, we will assess your curtains, highlight issues and weigh the curtains for accurate quotation.

We will remove your curtains, pack it, weigh them on the spot and calculate the bill. Full payment by cash, PayNow or Bank transfer is requested on the day of pick up

Book a date for delivery/installation. We will update you on the progress of your curtains and send a reminder prior to installation date. 

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Professional Curtain Dry Cleaning

The downtime period is 4-7 working days. (Excluding Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) Express service available.
$ 15/kg $15/KG for above 15KG weight. Curtain weighing less than 15KG will be $150 flat rate.

Terms & Conditions of Service
1. These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you (the ‘Customer’) and Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. (‘Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd.’) for the provision of services by Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd.. Use of our services constitutes your acceptance/agreement of these terms and conditions and you agree to be legally bound by them upon drop off.

2. The following terms & conditions of service are applicable for our list of services which include (1) Alteration Service (2) Laundry Service (3) Dry Cleaning Service (4) Carpet Cleaning Service (5) Curtain Cleaning Service and other services provided from time to time by Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. to the Customer.

3. For all services, we exercise utmost care in processing articles that are entrusted to us and processing each article using method that is best suited to the fabric nature construction and condition.

4. We cannot assume responsibilities for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials that are not visibly apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively to suede, leather, silk, satin, double-face fabric, vinyl, polyurethanes.
5. We cannot assume responsibilities for changes in texture, running of dyes, appearance of stains, spots, fading, discoloration, old stains, ripping/tearing of fabric, hidden defects, nap distortion, water marking, pre-existing conditions (visual or non-visual) or any other defects on cleaned article/s which may occur due to weak and tender fabrics that is beyond our care methods.
6. Only upon receiving full payment from the Customer, we will begin to perform the required services.
7. Payment for all services provided by Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. shall be made in full in advance, on the date of drop off of uncleaned items by the Customer.
8. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on any amounts not paid in advance until the date that the payment in full has been received by us.
9. Any ornaments or special buttons on articles must be removed by the Customer before sending for cleaning. Responsibility is disclaimed for trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons, belts, shoulder pads and sequins etc.
10. Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. do not guarantee stain removal for all stains and Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. would not be held responsible for stains which cannot be removed that is beyond our care methods. Full payment for our services will still be applied when stains are not removed completely.
11. Curtains and sofa covers may have a probability of shrinkage, weakening and tearing after cleaning. We are unable to determine if this will happen or the extent of shrinkage/tear should it happen. This is a natural reaction as certain fabrics are not pre-shrunk or are weak due to prolonged sun exposure and Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. will not be liable for such damage as it is not within our control.
12. Alteration service provided are based on the measurements provided at the time of the Customer’s first fitting or measurement provided over the counter. Any changes in Customer’s measurements after the first fitting or instructions which cause additional or different service(s) to be performed will be subjected to additional charges.
13. For alteration services, a tolerance of 2 cm shall be applied to the pattern measurements that relate to the manual measurements. Cut out fabric will be recycled unless customers specifically request otherwise.
14. In the event of loss by fire, any other loss or damage to the article due to negligence for which we may accept liability, without prejudice such liability shall not exceed ten(10) times the rates charged for processing the article. For claims, the original receipt must be presented, and such claims shall be deemed not exceeding S$150.00 or whichever is lower, unless the value of the article is declared in writing on the receipt.
15. Any article whose value is declared by the Customer, exceeds S$150.00. The rate charged for cleaning the article will be ten percent (10%) of the declared value, otherwise normal rates apply.
16. The article, whether partially or completely damaged, must be retained by us upon full settlement of claim unless otherwise agreed by Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd..
17. All articles must be claimed within two (2) weeks from the deposit date of the receipt. All unclaimed articles will be disposed after the expiry date unless otherwise specified at the time of depositing the articles for processing.
18. Customer is to check the number of articles indicated, otherwise Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. count shall be accepted as correct. In case of discrepancy in the count, and if the Customer is not available to verify, our count must be accepted as correct.
19. All articles must be inspected and Customer’s dissatisfaction, if any, shall be made known to Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. at the time of collection. Arising Cleaning Management Pte. Ltd. shall not be responsible for subsequent complaints.
20. For our home delivery services, please allow 4 working days from the ready date indicated on the tax invoice/contract with proper and complete delivery address and contact number, otherwise, articles should be personally collected from the respective outlets.
21. By submitting your personal data, you understand, acknowledge and agree that your personal information will be used to: provide services and products, process transactions, provide customer service, better understand customer needs, make special offers or promotions to you by email, telephone and for marketing purposes.
22. The purposes listed in clause 21 may continue to apply even in situations where your relationship with us has been terminated or altered in any way, for a reasonable period thereafter (including, where applicable, a period to enable us to enforce our rights under any contract with you).

Curtain Steam Cleaning

Why Choose To Steam Cleaning Your Curtains?

Limited Time – Curtain steam cleaning requires no dismantling and installation. Your curtains are steam cleaned while hanging on the existing windows. Typically steam cleaning can be done within 1-2 hours for standard house, or 3-4 hours for landed house.

No Wrinkling Guarantee – In fact, expect your curtains to look smoother as we are using steam to kill the germ, dirt, or dust. Your curtains escaped traditional dry clean method and in tumble dry machine.

Prevent Shrinkage – One of the biggest risk of cleaning your curtains is that they may shrink! You curtains may looked shorter after cleaning especially it’s the first wash. Curtain steam cleaning will avoid this problem entirely.

Protect Delicate Curtains Material – If you would like to avoid harsh chemical on your curtains, its highly recommended to opt for steam cleaning. This is probably the most natural way of cleaning your drapery!

High Ceiling Curtains – If you are having curtains that is more than 3 meters, dismantling and installing them might be hassle and dangerous task to perform. The weight of the curtains are difficult to manage especially during installation. Steam cleaning might be the best option for you!

Professional Steam Curtain Cleaning

On-site Curtain Steam Cleaning
$ 25 /piece
  • 1-2 hrs Downtime
  • On-Site Curtain Cleaning
  • Alchocol Free Chemical
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